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Response to Media Coverage
Asiaciti Trust would like to comment on the recent media surrounding the “Paradise Papers” published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (“ICIJ”).

The ICIJ state they have seen a number of documents from numerous sources including Asiaciti Trust which they intend to release in the coming days. Based on these documents, a series of articles have been published alleging improper conduct in the fiduciary services industry generally.

Asiaciti Trust at all times complies with all applicable laws and regulations. We are regulated by highly competent authorities in the jurisdictions in which we operate and are committed to achieving the standards required. We absolutely deny any implication of wrong doing.

Asiaciti Trust is also committed to the protection of our clients’ data. Our investigations suggest that the documents cited have been illegally obtained via external theft. We note that the documents the ICIJ claim to have seen from Asiaciti Trust account for approximately 4% of the information comprising the “Paradise Papers”.

Clients and business partners who would like to discuss are invited to contact their Asiaciti Trust representative.

Asiaciti Trust will not be making further public comment at this stage.