About Us

Asiaciti Trust is an independent trustee and fiduciary services business group offering specialist services internationally to both private clients and corporations.

Established as a corporate identity in 1978 by Graeme W. Briggs, its foundations in chartered accountancy practices date back to 1886. Today, the heritage continues with the second Briggs generation actively managing different functions of the business.

As a family owned business, Asiaciti Trust affords distinct advantages, emphasising a long-term view to make strategic decisions and invest in a successful future, continually guided by firm values. Asiaciti Trust provides a stable environment both internally and externally, supporting longstanding relationships, and inspiring trust in both employees and business partners.

Headquartered in Singapore, Asiaciti Trust has operations in Cook Islands, Dubai, Hong Kong, Latin America, London, Nevis, New Zealand and Samoa. It is one of the leading Asian Pacific based international trust groups; and, one of the most recognised and professionally respected names in the international fiduciary services industry.