Our Approach

At Asiaciti Trust, we are guided by four key principles. These principles are adaptations from the I-CHING, an oracle believed to have been written more than 3,000 years ago by Chinese Emperor, Fu Hsi.

Chung Fu
Chung Fu
"Inner most sincerity"

Symbol of truth
Build trust

Over the past 40 years we have built a heritage of trust. Our proven track record in protecting, preserving and enhancing private wealth has developed our reputation for trust. We are fiduciaries and confidantes for private wealth and have earned the confidence of private banks, legal and accounting firms all over the world. Trust is central to success in our industry and we value the high client referral rate our reputation brings.


Symbol of addition

Add value to everything we do

Asiaciti Trust prides itself on its flexible, creative approach to protecting, preserving and enhancing private wealth. Our clients benefit from our highly tailored and professionally planned business structures that fulfil their unique international financial and fiscal planning needs. This added-value concept is the primary focus of our client service philosophy.


Symbol of succession

Focus on the long term

As the oracle translates, "He is fortunate because of his wise behaviour." At Asiaciti Trust we offer a long term service philosophy that has allowed us to continue to maintain lasting relationships with our clients. We invest in extensive consultation with each client in order to achieve a complete understanding of their unique needs and are committed to the long term protection, preservation and enhancement of their private wealth.


Symbol of success

Progress and develop

Asiaciti Trust acknowledges the direct relationship between its prosperity and that of its clients, employees and shareholders. We have maintained steady growth over the past 40 years, developing state-of-the-art solutions and offering consistent, superior client service. We are committed to the ongoing prosperity of our company for the direct benefit of all clients and stakeholders.