Consultancy Services

Asiaciti Trust is regularly engaged by clients or by professional firms to advise on international tax and estate planning, asset protection planning, retirement planning, or investment holding structures. This can involve a diverse range of fiscal or wealth planning objectives such as cross border investment or trading structures, pre-migration planning, protection of assets from future claims, distribution of family wealth, tax effective licensing of technology or intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights or image rights), avoidance of forced heirship laws, setting up international employee benefit structures, life assurance planning, or formation of an intra-group insurance company.

Our tax consultancy role is limited to the Asia- Pacific region. It frequently involves the analysis of double tax agreements and the use of treaty network centres.

Specifically, Asiaciti Trust offers clients and professional advisors the following consultancy services:

  1. Provision of international tax consulting services including formal opinions for corporations, trusts and individuals investing in the Asia -Pacific region.
  2. Expatriate and pre-migration fiscal planning for individuals.
  3. Provision of asset protection advice, including family wealth preservation and estate planning techniques and structures.
  4. Advisory services on the formation, operation and management of international finance entities and insurance companies, including captive insurance structures.
  5. The structuring of international employment arrangements and retirement funds.
  6. Tax and asset protection advice for international licensing and royalty structures.