International Employee Services

In the era of globalisation executives, professionals, consultants, entertainers and sportsmen have become more mobile, independent, and competitive. This mobility opens up significant opportunities for these globe-trotting individuals to enter into arrangements designed to maximise the income returns from their services and to enhance their wealth preservation plans. International employee benefit plans are an integral part of the remuneration packages of global executives and consultants. International employers that do not offer such competitive benefit programmes may fail to recruit the best executives.

These arrangements may include international employment companies, deferred compensation plans, employee benefit trusts, international pension or retirement funds, employee share ownership plans, life insurance plans, executive pension trusts, management incentive programmes, and executive equity plans. The structures can be tailor made to meet the objectives of both the individual and the corporate employer. To achieve optimum benefits most international employee arrangements are based in tax neutral jurisdictions.

For entertainers, models and sportspersons, the exploitation of their personal brand or image rights is critical to the maximisation of their earning potential and the accumulation of wealth. Exploitation of these rights through properly structured international arrangements and careful management, will greatly enhance the wealth of such artistes and athletes.

Asiaciti Trust works with its clients and their advisors to establish and administer, flexible and tax neutral or tax deferred international employee benefit plans to meet their objectives. Specifically we act as trustees and administrators of:

  1. Employee share ownership plans
  2. International employment companies