Traditionally philanthropy has been associated with wealthy individuals or families providing support for charitable or philanthropic causes through bequests in their Wills or Testamentary Trusts. Today, this approach has expanded to encourage donors to be more involved during their lifetime. This allows donors to see first-hand the influence their charitable foundations or trusts are having on communities, and to take an active role (if desired) in the strategy and process.

The enormous wealth generation since the 1950’s by the “baby boomers” and the current trans-generational transfer of that wealth, means that many families and individuals are in a financial position to support philanthropic causes globally. Many choose to do so through a variety of means or strategies. However the complexities of modern day financial markets, fiscal laws, and the increasingly litigious nature of society, mean that careful planning needs to be given to the structuring of philanthropic bequests or donations.

In many instances philanthropy will be an integral part of the tax, wealth and succession planning considerations of wealthy individuals or families. Charitable trusts or foundations can be an extremely tax effective form of giving.

Philanthropic donations, whether perpetual or large donations over multiple tax years or once only charitable gifts, require strategic management of the funds allocated for charitable purposes. The time, operational and investment aspects of philanthropic giving can be overwhelming for many donors. Asiaciti Trust can assist in designing your charitable giving strategy; and help you to realise your vision, leading to personal reward and community benefit.

At Asiaciti Trust, we have the time, expertise and resources to offer professional assistance to individuals and/or families wishing to benefit other members of society. Our philanthropy services include:

  • Development of a philanthropic strategy with investment objectives
  • Finding philanthropic opportunities
  • Establishment and management of appropriate structure
  • Consideration of legal and tax implications of donations
  • Disciplined grant management
  • Involvement and education of family members

Asiaciti Trust operates its own charitable activities through the Asiaciti Trust Charitable Foundation, a New Zealand registered charitable trust.

To enquire in regard to our philanthropic services, or for further information, please email