Asiaciti Trust’s Cally Ching on why Hong Kong is a Unique Location for Family Offices

“Since the 1960s, Hong Kong has been recognised as a global leader in international trade and finance. This success is founded on the city’s well-established legal system, its laissez-faire pro-business environment, and its simple and equitable tax system.”

Rise of family offices in Asia

Asiaciti Trust’s Cally Ching outlines in an article the special features and types of family offices, and explains why Hong Kong is uniquely suitable for setting up and operating these offices. It also underscores the importance of using experienced, trusted service providers and experts in ensuring the success of the family offices.

Simply put, a family office is a set up that provides a family or multiple families of ultra high-net-worth with a multitude of personalised and wealth management services. Every family office is unique in set up and structure, with each requiring a variety of distinctive services. Click here to read the full article.