Trust in our Independence

Asiaciti Trust is a wholly independent trust and corporate services provider. We have no formal attachment to any financial institution and are therefore free from the conflicting priorities this can bring. We have no external ownership and as such are also absent from the short term pressures institutional investors often impose. This allows us to focus purely on servicing the needs of our clients, doing what we do best whilst looking to the long term.

Trust in our Excellence

Our reputation has been built from decades of continued excellence. Asiaciti Trust is on the preferred or approved panel for most international private banks and has longstanding relationships with major law firms, accountancy firms and independent advisors. Since our earliest inception, impeccable client service has been at the core of Asiaciti Trust. Whether for private clients, intermediaries, business owners or corporations, we pride ourselves on responsiveness and service delivery. To ensure our high standards are met, we maintain a higher employee to client ratio than many of our competitors, and implement policies and procedures designed to streamline operations.

Trust in our Stability

Over a 40 year period Asiaciti Trust has navigated a shifting industry landscape, increased regulation, and the changing composition of our peers. Throughout, we have thrived, by staying focused and committed to our core principles. In many of our locations Asiaciti Trust was among the first trust and corporate services providers to establish operations. Consequently, we have an in depth knowledge of those jurisdictions and a key position in their fiduciary services business community. We remain committed to our industry and our place within it.