Asiaciti Trust offers a complete range of administration and secretarial services to multinationals, corporations and private businesses. Our corporate client services encompass the formation, registration and administration of corporate vehicles, and the provision of corporate secretarial, directorship, registered office, accounting, banking and business process services.

We have comprehensive knowledge of local requirements in key jurisdictions, developed over our 40 year history, and global reach through our established network. We have extensive experience dealing with complex corporate structures and a history of ensuring all aspects of establishment and ongoing administration are diligently observed, allowing our clients to focus on their core business activities.

Solutions for Corporate Clients:

A company is an independent legal entity owned by shareholders, formed to conduct business or hold assets. A partnership is formed between two or more parties that share ownership to hold investments or conduct business. Jurisdiction specific legislation varies, and often includes unique features that provide opportunities for investment structuring.

Corporate trusts are often established by a corporation to allow financial resources or obligations to be separated from the balance sheet and managed externally. Specialised structures such as pre-IPO trusts, employee benefit trusts and bond trusts are commonly formed.

A foundation is a legal entity that has the ability to exercise rights and contract obligations on its own behalf. The assets of the foundation are managed by a foundation council (similar to a board of directors). A foundation can be a useful vehicle for separating core business activities from corporate giving or other motivations.

A managed trust company (“MTC”) is a company formed to act as trustee that is managed by another fiduciary services provider. An MTC allows an intermediary to provide trust services to their clients, under their own brand name, whilst accessing specialised local knowledge in a jurisdiction where they are not physically present.

A captive insurance company is a licensed insurance company owned by the insured. A properly structured captive insurance company can provide flexible, cost effective risk management, either on a self-assured or reinsurance basis, whilst retaining investment control of premiums.

Escrow is a legal arrangement whereby funds or assets are held by a third party until specific conditions have been satisfied, (e.g. completing a transaction). Escrow is a valuable tool to mitigate risk in complex financial transactions or litigation, particularly in international business environments.

Corporate secretarial services include a registered office and company secretary (comprising maintenance of statutory records and filing of statutory returns) and provision of local or non-resident directors as required.

Accounting and tax services include maintaining accounting records, financial statement preparation, and the filing of tax returns as necessary.

General administration services include the opening and operation of bank accounts, attending to correspondence, mail handling and general representation.

Business process services include payroll, invoicing, income collection and provision of office facilities and staff management. Treasury services include attending to commercial or trade documentation, handling of letters of credit transactions and royalty administration.

Share registry services include maintaining share registry records; processing and instructing share transfers, redemptions, cancellations and issuance; preparation of documents for Annual General Meetings and attending to public company filing requirements.