The Cook Islands is widely regarded as the premier jurisdiction for the establishment of asset preservation trusts and foundations. It was the first international financial centre to enact legislation specifically for the protection of assets. This legislation is progressively amended to ensure that the wealth preservation features continue to keep pace, and it is considered to be one of the most modern of its kind. It has been tested, and upheld, many times before the High Court of the Cook Islands, a court presided over by recently retired New Zealand High Court or Court of Appeal Judges.

Asiaciti Trust has been operating in the Cook Islands since 1986 and is licensed by the Financial Services Commission.

Services offered by Asiaciti Trust Cook Islands include:

  • Establishment and administration of Cook Islands international trusts.
  • Formation and management of Private Trust Companies under Cook Islands law and other jurisdictions.
  • Establishment and administration of Cook Islands purpose trusts.
  • Establishment and administration of Cook Islands foreign trading trusts, business trusts and employee benefit trusts.
  • Acting as trustee of trusts (discretionary family trusts, reserved powers trusts, charitable trusts and other trusts).
  • Acting as successor trustee or co-trustee of asset preservation trusts.
  • Acting as trustee or co-trustee of superannuation, pension or provident funds.
  • Acting as protector of trusts.
  • Formation of Cook Islands corporations and registration of international companies in the Cook Islands.
  • Formation of Cook Islands limited liability companies and limited partnerships.
  • Corporate secretarial services including registered office and company secretary.
  • Maintenance of statutory records and filing of statutory returns.
  • Provision of resident or non-resident directors and partners.
  • Establishment and administration of Cook Islands foundations (private, commercial and charitable).
  • Provision of foundation council members.
  • Acting as enforcer of foundations.
  • Banking services including opening and operating bank accounts.
  • Accounting services including preparation of monthly management accounts and annual financial statements.
  • Maintenance of records, processing and instructing share transfers, redemptions, cancellations and issuance.
  • Preparation of documents for Annual General Meetings and attending to public company filing requirements.

Asiaciti Trust Pacific Limited
Bermuda House, Tutakimoa Road
PO Box 822
Rarotonga, Cook Islands